SPIRIT GATES  is a story of suspense, murder and betrayal, with a hint of the paranormal. This THRILLER will keep you guessing. Hired to close the rift. Agent Boots and her deaf K9 partner Missy, run the gauntlet of twists and turns, while doing their job at a state of the art Police Training Academy in New Mexico.

Boots's love interest from Australia, Agent Keefer gets dragged into the life and death life style. While getting to know each other, many secrets are revealed.

From my Beta readers: #1 This adult Thriller has plenty of shocking plot twists that take your breath away. My Favorite character is Boots. #2 I wish I was as badass as Boots. Seriously, what a influential MC. #3 What a great backdrop for the narrative. I love K9 Missy, was engaged from page one.

Stay tuned, more to come.        Shirley