SPIRIT GATES I  is a story of suspense, murder and betrayal, with a hint of the paranormal. This THRILLER will keep you guessing. Hired to close the rift. Agent Boots and her deaf K9 partner Missy, run a gauntlet of twists and turns, while doing their job at a state of the art Police Training Academy in New Mexico.

Boots's seventeen year friendship turns into a love interest, Agent Stony Keefer gets dragged along with Boots, into life and death situations. Many secrets are revealed, as this friendship turned romance grows.

From my Beta readers: #1 This adult Thriller has plenty of shocking plot twists that take your breath away. My Favorite character is Boots. #2 I wish I was as badass as Boots. Seriously, what a influential MC. #3 What a great backdrop for the narrative. I love K9 Missy, was engaged from page one.

  Stay tuned, more to come. 


Spirit Gates II has been started.